The Old Chiswick Protection Society is a voluntary group founded over 50 years ago to conserve and protect the heart of the old parish of Chiswick

The OCPS is a charitable trust. Membership is open to all who have an interest in helping secure, for the benefit of the public, the preservation and enhancement of the character and appearance of Old Chiswick. 

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Old Chiswick
Old Chiswick has the largely unaltered feel of a Georgian village of merchants, writers, painters, politicians and others.

This special ambience results from the buildings themselves, some grand some less so, the occasional ornate metalwork gates, the street lamps and york paving stones. The close connection of the area with the working River and early industry is evidenced by the drawdock, slipway and brewery.

The quietness of much of Old Chiswick encourages perambulation and appreciation of the quality of the built environment and the managed nature of the gardens and the Eyot.

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